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Leaflets/folders Developed by the KVK

Sl No Title of the leaflets Authors name
1 Low cost scientific pig farming A.S.Singh, Dr. S.Borah &
Dr. T. Gyaneswari Devi
2 Broiler farming A.S.Singh & Dr. S.Borah
3 Preservation of bamboo shoots. A.S.Singh & Dr. S.Borah
4 Cultivation techniques of different types of fodder for livestock feeding. A.S.Singh & Dr. S.Borah
5 Artificial insemination in cattle A.S.Singh & Dr. S.Borah
6 Packages of practices of Boro rice. A.S.Singh, M.Kumar, L.K. Nath
7 Cultivation method of Blackgram/Greengram A.S.Singh, M.Kumar, L.K.Nath
8 Cultivation method of Rape seed/Mustard. A.S.Singh, M.Kumar, L.K. Nath
9 Scientific paddy nursery raising A.S.Singh, M.Kumar, L.K. Nath
10 SRI method of paddy cultivation A.S.Singh, M.Kumar, L.K. Nath,
11 Vermicomposting technology. A.S.Singh, M.Kumar, L.K. Nath
12 Techniques of raising Azolla A.S.Singh, M.Kumar, L.K.Nath
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