Major Farming Systems

Major Farming Systems existing in the District

Sl No.

Farming System


Principal crops/breeds

Important features

1 Agri-horti-pisci-livestock Red silty loam Paddy, summer & winter vegetables, oilseeds, pulses, Indian major & minor carps, poultry birds, milch cattle, goat, pig duck etc. Pond dyke utilization Rainfed hill farming
2 Horti-agri-livestock Sandy loam Paddy, summer & winter vegetables, oilseeds, pulses, poultry birds, Rainfed, market availability
3 Agriculture Sandy loam Paddy , vegetables, Paddy-paddy system Monocrop, rainfed, partly irrigated
4 Livestock Sandy loam and sandy clay loam Poultry birds and pig Hillock, market availability, well drainage facility
5 Horti-pisci-agriculture Clay loam Paddy, summer & winter vegetables, Indian major & minor carps Presence of natural water bodies, Good road transportations
6 Livestock-agri-horticulture Sandy clay loam Pig, goat, poultry birds, paddy, mustard, maize, colocasia, banana, pine apple Market availability, tribal dominated area, foothills
7 Agri-horti-silvi-pastoral-livestock Sandy clay loam Rubber, pineapple, banana, teak, karoi, bamboo, citrus Jhum cultivation, tribal dominated hills.
8 Plantation (Rubber) Sandy clay loam Rubber and tea Tribal dominated hills
9 Plantation-pisci-livestock Sandy clay loam Rubber, pig, poultry bird. Tribal dominated hills & presence of bunds in the hills.
10 Horticulture Sandy clay loam Summer and winter vegetables Market availability, presence of water overflow, well drainage facility
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